Learning to code is vital for entrepreneurs that want to keep pace with in our current environment.  If you’re running a website or app or selling online, understanding code is a necessity. If you have a large amount of customer data you want to analyse online, you’ll also need code. While not all businesses are developing a smartphone app or running an e-commerce platform, most are dealing in data and code of some form or another, whether that’s websites or customer details – and that’s where even a basic knowledge of the fundamentals of coding can help. 

At a startup, resources are scarce and your tech teams are on tight deadlines or budget.Rather than having to interrupt your tech team to make a small change to your website or update content in your app, you’ll have the ability and confidence to make a change without fearing a site shut down or interruption of business. If you know how to code, you’ll have a better understanding of what to look for in a talented developer or or other tech related workers. 

Strong critical thinking skills facilitate good decision making, and there is no better way to learn to think critically than by learning to code. As you think logically and algorithmically through the problems inherent in your startup and turn them into objects, methods and control flows, you’ll break down the problem your business solves into the bite-size pieces you’ll reuse and rely on in the future.