Founder:  Lilia Becker

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It all started when…

I took a basic coding class called Scratch at school in the 6th grade. I became enthusiastic about the endless possibilities coding provides so I continued to take classes outside of school.. I was disapointed that I was often the only girl in classes that were creative and fun. Being the only girl, or one of just a few, made me aware of the dearth of girls participating in one of the largest economic growth areas in our world. I believe females need to be better represented and I want to help bridge that gap.

I founded when I was a 10th grade student at the Shipley School in Bryn Mawr, PA. I am on a mission to recruit more girls to learn about computer coding. introduces basic coding workshops to girls in order to help them gain confidence and an interest in computer science. I am hoping that fun workshops along with my enthusiastic point of view will help shed light on the value of computer science. Girls inspiring other girls can be an effective way to recruit more girls to computer science. I want a world where girls are given the tools and education they need to help build a computer science community for everyone. Girls can code too and I want to help spread the word.