Computer science is changing every

industry on the planet and we need to join together to recruit more girls.

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A culture shift needs to be made that shines a light on girls being capable and gets them excited about technology.


Computer science concepts help nurture creativity and problem-solving skills to prepare all students for any future career.


Today only 0.4% of female college freshmen plan to major in computer science. Yet computer science will be one of the fastest-growing and highest-paying sectors over the next decade with the highest entry-level salary of any bachelor's degree. We need women's ideas and concerns to be included in this high growth area to help build an inclusive world for tomorrow.


About 88% of all information technology patents are invented by male-only invention teams while only 2% are invented by female-only invention teams. Statistics imply that the technology we use around the world is predominantly being created by men.

Gender diversity is a powerful tool that can create a larger and more competitive computing and IT workforce. Combining the brainpower of women and men working together to design technology will yield a more broad and creative outcome.



What is Computer Coding?

It is the ability to tell a computer what to do through a set of instructions. Computer coding has its own vocabulary to describe objects and concepts.


Here are some coding examples and how they fit together.

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How does computer programming

relate to Computer Science?

Just like reading and writing are fundamental skills you'll learn when you study English, computer programming is one of the fundamental skills you'll learn when you study Computer Science. Computer Science includes many topics that describe the design and use of computers.

Computers are slowly taking over the world, but what exactly do the people behind the computers do? Learn more about what computer science is and how it impacts our world today.


Take Action!

We live in a world surrounded by technology. However, only a tiny fraction of us are learning how technology works and fewer than half of all schools teach computer science. is on a mission to spread the word and help young girls learn basic coding skills. Girls should be confident that they can develop the skills it takes to learn computer science. Try one of these basic coding tutorials and see how fun it can be!