September 2019

"Girls are just as good at STEM, study finds.”

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August 2019

"New NCWIT Study Outlines Roadmap For Bringing More Girls Into Tech.”

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August 2019

"Female scientists are up against a lot of unconscious bias. Here’s how to fight it.”

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July 2019

"Women remain strongly underrepresented in math-related fields. This phenomenon is problematic because it contributes to gender inequalities in the labor market and can reflect a loss of talent.”

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April 2019

"Eighth-grade girls took fewer classes related to technology and engineering, but still outscored boys.”

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April 2019

"In a field dominated by white men, racial and cultural isolation is a hidden barrier.”

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April 2019

"Women at the Salk Institute say they faced a culture of marginalization and hostility. The numbers from other elite scientific institutions suggest they’re not alone.”

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March 2019

"Women In STEM: What Roles Look Like for Women In 2019.”

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March 2019

"Keeping Girls in STEM: 3 Barriers, 3 Solutions”

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March 2019

"Closing the gender gap in the tech industry”

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February 2019

"New research explores how access to technology helps put girls on par with boys."

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February 2019

"A Seat at the Head of the Table"

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February 2019

"The Secret History of Women in Coding"

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February 2019

"The Two Codes Your Kids Need to Know"

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February 2019

"Why Girls Beat Boys at School and Lose to Them at the Office"

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October 2018

"How to learn to code when you have no time and money"

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October 2018

"The Confidence Gap for Girls: 5 Tips for Parents of Tween and Teen Girls"

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September 2018

"Girls, If You Want To Change The World*, Try STEM"

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September 2018

"Role Models Tell Girls That STEM’s for Them in New Campaign"

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September 2018

"A Pennsylvania High Schooler Is Showing Girls They're Brave Enough to Code"

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August 2018

"Make Your Daughter Practice Math. She’ll Thank You Later."

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July 2018

"The Code for Success"

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July 2018

"A physicist is writing one Wikipedia entry a day to recognize women in science."

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June 2018

"15 Amazing Women Who Have Broken Glass Ceilings in Tech."

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June 2018

"Colleges Should Recruit Tech Girls like Athletes."

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May 2018

"Why I Code And Why You Should Too."

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May 2018

"Artist Reimagines Disney Princesses As Career Women And It’s Everything."

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May 2018

"How Disney is turning women from across the company into coders."

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April 2018

"New chicks on the block(chain)."

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January 2018

"Half of Americans think young people don’t pursue STEM because it is too hard."



"We Need More Women in Tech!"

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December 2017

"40 Women in Emerging Tech to Follow on Twitter."

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November 2017

"What recent studies have made increasingly apparent is that the greatest number of high-paying STEM jobs are in the “T” (specifically, computing)."

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October 2017

"Girls Need Role Models In every part of their lives."

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August 2017

"Webinar: Increase Women in Computer Science & Engineering Majors."

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January 2017

"Scientist Auriel Fournier had no choice but to learn programming.."

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June 2016

"Learn about Grace Hopper a pioneer of computer programming."

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"Computing: Get The Most Out Of Your College Degree."

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April 2014

"Girls Do Better Than Boys in School At All Ages And Subjects."

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April 2013

"Top 10 Ways of Recruiting High School Women into Your Computing Classes."

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February 2013

"Coding and couture: how I launched my career in fashion."

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November 2012

"Girls in IT: The Facts."

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